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Colorado San Miguel River

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The San Miguel River in Colorado offers a challenging and rewarding fly fishing experience for both novice and experienced anglers. The preferred season for fishing is from late spring to early fall, with an ideal flow rate of 100-300 CFS. However, access to the river can be limited due to private property and land management issues. To ensure river stewardship, sustainability, and conservation, it is essential to practice Leave No Trace principles. Running Rivers is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and protecting rivers, including the San Miguel River. For more information on river conservation, visit their website. 

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Characteristics & Metrics

Natural Flow / Un-dammed / Freestone
High Mountains
⋅ May 15, 2023
Probably off-color due to spring run-off.
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Current Flow

San Miguel River - Colorado
Gage Station Temp
(ft ³/s)
(ft ³/s)
san miguel river near placerville, co n/a 926 914
san miguel river at brooks bridge near nucla co n/a 1620 1470
san miguel river at uravan, co. n/a 1900 1840
* Mean data is from Sunday -- May 28, 2023
** Updated 26 minutes ago
*** streamflow is the volume of water flowing past a given point in the stream in a given period of time.(USGS)


* Based on YTD -- 2023
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* 2 segments listed for the San Miguel River
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Plaverville Park · Pretty Darn Fishy 8 months ago
Juniper Village Drive · Fishy 8 months ago



Known Fish

Known Fish of the San Miguel River
Type Species Up To
Trout Brown 10 in.
Trout Rainbow 10 in.
Trout Cutbow 12 in.
* Fish likely to be found. Size is a approximation.