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TroutLeader is your Community-Driven Guide for Informed Fishing Decisions.

Kristine Hoffman - Taylor River , CO (Craig Hoffman Photography)

River Data

Get real-time and historical river flow telemetry. Weather reports for your favorite rivers segments. Journal and log your river experiences.


Rivers are broken up into easy to use segments with maps and weather reports.

River Tools

Create a note. Track all your rods, reels, fish, flies, and favorite streams. Upload fishy images.

Fish More, Work Less, Be Fishy

Do good work, cause no harm, be selfless, get involved, be risky, try hard and fish harder.

Let us transform TroutLeader into something wonderful.

Fly Box - Photo By: Craig Hoffman

Why TroutLeader

TroutLeader can't make you fish any better, but we can help you make better decisions on choosing a river or stream.

South Platt River - Photo By: Craig Hoffman

Rivers and Public Lands

TroutLeader supports key non-profit organizations that help protect our waterways, lands and fishing access.

TroutLeader - Photo By: Craig Hoffman

Be Fishy

Who doesn't like a fishy person?

Flyathon - Photo By: Craig Hoffman


The fly-fishing community is great. Expand your community by participating in a Flyathon? Run. Fish. Beer.