Be Fishy

River Data

Get real-time river data flows for your favorite rivers and streams. Keep track of the fish you catch and release.


Get up-to-date and useful information on known bug hatches that includes when, where and what fly to use.


Share a note publicly or keep it private. Keep track your rods, reels, fish, favorite streams, river data and more.

Fish More, Work Less

Do good work, cause no harm, be selfless, get involved, try hard and fish harder.

Fly Box - Photo By: Craig Hoffman

Why TroutLeader

TroutLeader can't make you fish any better, but we can help you make better decisions on choosing a river or stream.

South Platt River - Photo By: Craig Hoffman

Rivers and Public Lands

TroutLeader supports key non-profit organizations that help protect our waterways, lands and fishing access.

TroutLeader - Photo By: Craig Hoffman

Be Fishy

Who doesn't like a fishy person?

Flyathon - Photo By: Craig Hoffman


The fly-fishing community is great. Expand your community by participating in a Flyathon? Run. Fish. Beer.

Are you ready to fish?