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Lake Fork | Gateview Canyon

Gateview Canyon · Lake Fork
· Super Fishy

Updated 10 months ago
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Best Time ⁞ Early morning and evening hours
Ideal Season ⁞ Late spring, Summer, Fall


General overview Gateview Canyon is about 5 miles long. A gradual dirt road parallels the river. It can be super-fishy. The road ends at the Gage station/bathrooms. Lots of pullouts along the road to fish. Camping is available via Red Bridge Campground and a few spots on the road. Fishing was difficult for no particular reason, maybe it was the flow, hot air temperature, or the user. I did have some luck with a hopper/dropper setup. The trout seem to be going after anything 'red', according to Dave at the Gunnison Fly Shop. My dropper was a red 2 Bit Hooker fly, also a bead-like dropper seemed to work very well.