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Colorado Fryingpan River

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The Fryingpan River in Colorado offers a challenging and rewarding fly fishing experience for anglers of all skill levels. The preferred season for fishing on this river is from late spring to early fall, when the weather is pleasant and the water conditions are optimal. To ensure a successful fishing trip, it is important to consider the ideal flow rate of the river. The Fryingpan River flows at its best for fishing when it is between 150 and 350 cubic feet per second (CFS). This flow rate provides the right balance of water movement and clarity, creating ideal conditions for catching trout. While the Fryingpan River is known for its exceptional fishing opportunities, it is essential to be aware of any river access issues that may exist. Some areas along the river may have limited access or require permission from private landowners. It is crucial to respect these access restrictions and be mindful of trespassing. For those in need of guidance or equipment, there are several highly-rated local fly shops and guides available.

Here are three top-rated options:
1. Taylor Creek Fly Shop - Visit their website at
2. Frying Pan Anglers - Visit their website at
3. Roaring Fork Anglers - Visit their website at

River stewardship, sustainability, and conservation are top priorities when fishing on the Fryingpan River. It is crucial to practice "Leave No Trace" principles and respect the environment. For more information on river conservation, visit the nonprofit Running Rivers at, the platform where this information is being posted, provides valuable river flow data, including mean temperature and CFS rates. This data helps anglers stay informed and make informed decisions for their fishing trips. Whether you are a novice or experienced angler, the Fryingpan River offers a remarkable fishing experience. Remember to approach the river with respect, practice conservation, and enjoy the beauty of this Colorado gem.

Characteristics & Metrics

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Current Flow

Fryingpan River - Colorado
Gage Station Temp
(ft ³/s)
(ft ³/s)
fryingpan river near ruedi, co. n/a 78.3 104
* Mean data is from Tuesday - February 20, 2024
** Updated about 1 hour ago
*** streamflow is the volume of water flowing past a given point in the stream in a given period of time.(USGS)


* Based on YTD -- 2024
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Additional Resources

River and steam flow data are acquired from multiped sources. This feature is only available in select states (Colorado only). Flows are updated multiple times a day. Data might be unavailable due to ice or other objects obstructing the gage.



Known Fish

Known Fish of the Fryingpan River
Type Species Up To
Trout Brown 20 in.
Trout Cutbow 20 in.
Trout Cutthroat 20 in.
Trout Rainbow 20 in.
* Fish likely to be found. Size is a approximation.