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Colorado Eagle River

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Eagle River in Colorado is a challenging destination for anglers seeking a thrilling fly fishing experience. The preferred season for fishing is from May to October, with the ideal flow rate ranging from 200 to 500 CFS. However, river access can be an issue due to private property and limited public access points. To ensure river stewardship, sustainability, and conservation, it is essential to practice Leave No Trace principles. Running Rivers is a nonprofit organization that provides valuable information on river conservation. 

Local Fly Shops and Guides

Here are a couple of suggested fly shops and guides: provides accurate river flow data, including mean, temperature, and CFS rates, making it a reliable source of information for novice and experienced anglers alike.

Characteristics & Metrics

⋅ May 15, 2023
Probably slightly off-color due to spring run-off.
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Current Flow

Eagle River - Colorado
Gage Station Temp
(ft ³/s)
(ft ³/s)
eagle river at red cliff, co. n/a n/a Ice
eagle river near minturn, co n/a n/a Ice
eagle r blw wastewater treatment plant at avon, co n/a 65.4 67.5
eagle river below gypsum, co. n/a 221 216
eagle river below milk creek near wolcott, co 32 n/a Ice
* Mean data is from Thursday - December 07, 2023
** Updated about 1 hour ago
*** streamflow is the volume of water flowing past a given point in the stream in a given period of time.(USGS)


* Based on YTD -- 2023
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* 1 segment listed for the Eagle River
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Horn Ranch Conservation Easement Parking Lot · Pretty Darn Fishy about 1 year ago


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Oct 21, 2022


Known Fish

Known Fish of the Eagle River
Type Species Up To
Trout Brown 18 in.
Trout Cutbow 18 in.
Trout Rainbow 18 in.
* Fish likely to be found. Size is a approximation.