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River Characteristics

The South Platte River is a gold medal trout river. Due to its proximity to the Front Range, it's very popular. The river is known for its wild and beautiful brown and rainbow trout. The South Platte is a tailwater fishery. Some of the more popular segments, particularly during the warmer months are Waterton Canyon, Deckers, Cheesman Canyon, and the Dream Stream. 
Certain segments (Deckers, Cheesman Canyon) get crowded and probably overfished. 
GPS 39.16276858,-105.3102732
⋅ Jan 24, 2022
Clear and partially frozen
· Super Wadable
Below Cheeseman is shallow and very much wadable. 
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Our river Admins are constantly reviewing data, any environmental issues, human factors, and weather to determine its fishability rating.

Current Flow

South Platte River - Colorado
Gage Station Temp
(ft ³/s)
(ft ³/s)
south platte river above cheesman lake, co. n/a 152 285
south platte river blw brush crk near trumbull, co n/a 133 141
south platte river below union ave, at englewood,c n/a 66.3 99.8
south platte river at englewood, co. 58 91.5 159
south platte r at 64th ave. commerce city, co. 59 160 87.0
south platte river at fort lupton, co. 59 194 407
south platte river at fort morgan, co 59 56.0 642
* Mean data is from Monday -- May 23, 2022
** Updated 1 day ago
*** streamflow is the volume of water flowing past a given point in the stream in a given period of time.(USGS)


* Based on YTD -- 2022
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* 1 segment listed for the South Platte River
Name Fishy
Upper Cheeseman Reservoir · Pretty Darn Fishy


TroutLeader Notation Image
TroutLeader Notation Image


Craig Hoffman
4 months ago
Kristine fishing below Cheeseman Res in Jan 2022
Craig Hoffman
11 months ago
Tough fishing and not very favorable weather (6/27/21).

Known Fish

Known Fish of the South Platte River
Type Species Up To
Trout Brown 20 in.
Trout Rainbow 20 in.
* Fish likely to be found. Size is a approximation.